Is VR Anti-Social?

Currently, I am sitting in my living room and I am watching someone use a headset. It was funny for about 10 seconds watching them bumping around. But, I can’t help but want to either see a stream of what they are seeing or get in the experience with them.

I was listening to some people who I admire greatly. They said that they thought that VR is going to be a large flop because it is AntiSocial. It is a very solo experience. It is nothing something you would invite a bunch of people over to your house to use.

The real test is going to be how good can mobile VR get. I have used some Daydream apps and I think that if that experience keeps getting better with future releases. I can see people keeping a couple of headsets around the house. Plus, if there is a way for a multiplayer gamer or syncing a Netflix stream to together. The experiences can get intense and be something that is going to be a thing we want to share and even be in the same room.

I Told My Inner Critic To Shut Up

I published an ebook on the Kindle store this week. I was just messing around with formatting and options. I was curious to go through all of the steps and see what it would take to get something in the store. I have a lot of writing that has never seen the light of day and I bundled up something that I had laying around and I wanted to see. I wanted to do the whole process. I thought that by going through the steps it would take some of the mystique out of it and I can see that I should continue with an idea that I had for an ebook.

I played with all the setting and wrote my name in the author field and I did all the stuff. Then I hit a button and I was hoping to just save it as a draft but I ended up publishing it for review by Amazon. I was terrified when I found out what I have done. I looked for ways to cancel and bring the book back into the dark corners of my brain. I looked and I looked. But, to no avail, the red pending was still on my screen. I walked away thinking that I would just remove it once it would go live and nobody would see it.

Then, I started to think about it and I got excited. I got excited that one of the things from my goals list would be done. I ended up starting to rewrite some chapters and pieces of content. I find myself wanted to tell people about it. “Hey, I Did I thing..”

I know it was not my best work. I am almost embarrassed by it. But, I feel like hitting submits take some of the stigmas out of doing it in the first place. You never love the first go at anything. You make mistakes, you forget things and you learn along the way.

Sometimes you just have to fucking ship something. Here it is in all its weird glory!

Asking The Right Questions

I have a bad habit. I constantly think and dwell and even get obsessive about a topic. I can sometimes do a deep dive on something and let it consume me entirely. In some cases that can be really helpful and can guide you in learning something new very quickly. But, today I got some answers about myself.

I think I am afraid. I think that I might be afraid of everything. I am afraid of what people might think of my ideas. I am afraid of the person who calls me a bad writer. I am afraid of letting down my wife. I am afraid of figuring out that I am not capable of what I want to do. I am afraid of sucking. I am afraid of regret. I am afraid.

Today, I had some realizations that fear is driving a lot of my decisions and dictates a lot of what I want to do and what I want to make. I love this and I want to keep publishing and keep exploring different styles of stories. I have been writing fiction a lot lately and I want to start to share those stories. I am going to keep try to improve and try to get better each day. I want to make sure that I support people who are bringing joy to the world.

The Art Of Waiting

At around the beginning of the year. I decided to do a want list with a friend of mine. We just decided to write down some of the things that we wanted to achieve in a bulleted list. It was just something to kind of get the end goals down on paper and then start building the bridges to get to those goals. I decided to keep the want list handy so I can just look at it every so often if I thought that things were getting off track or I needed to be reminding if I am going to the ends that I really want.

I pulled the list out tonight to look at it again to get inspired again. I started looking at some other people and looking at their success and I started to get depressed. I saw some people achieving levels that I aim to achieve. I feel into that trap of comparing and started to feel it. But, I decided to look back at that list. It may have only been about three months since I wrote and I have time to achieve what I want to get done. I just need to have patience and keep working at it. I remember listening to someone that I’d admire but the name is blanking on me. They said, “eat shit for 24 months and then you will win.” Sometimes you gotta slow down and just keep pounding out the work.

The Power of Podcasts

I am on of those people that would be able to tell you the song that was playing during important life events. I have always received the most inspiration from listening. It was one of the reasons that music was so important to me in my teenage years. The stories and emotion were something that I was able to instantly understand and connect with than any other media. I used to be able to sit quietly in my basement in high school and just listen with my cheap headphones. I would just be able to close my eyes and I would be able to create these worlds and stories in my head from what I was listening to. A simple song would generate hundreds of ideas. I used to just right down music video ideas for the songs that I was listening to.

I don’t remember the first audio book or podcast that I listened to. It was just a natural medium for me to move to. I like to read as well but I am able to soak in more information quickly by just listening. I can also do it as a secondary activity and not just a primary activity.

Audio has always been an important part of my life and my development. I have tried to make some audio samples and have experimented with the idea of a podcast. I want to keep trying to make something that is meaningful and impactful.

In the meantime, I started a newsletter that will highlight some of the great content that I have come across and experienced. I want to curate some of the great moments and also talk about my journey of trying to make one.